Thinx Commercial: Toss & Turn

Spec Commercial for a period underwear company Thinx.

Story: It is difficult to have a good sleep when you are on your period. With not worrying about leakage, you can do all the "toss and turn"s you want to make yourself comfortable.

Director: Jean Kim, DP: Cheok Lei, 1st AD: Siddarth Prakash, Makeup: Carla Rosso, Hair: Gina Banic

Cast: Mika Furuya, Aneiszka Sea, Florence Tung

Thinx Spec Commercial: Wear White

A 15 second version spec-commercial for Thinx.

Story: You can wake up and not go to the bathroom right away, you can wear whatever you want - just like any other day. 

Director: Jean Kim, DP: Cheok Lei, Editor: Siena Sivrican

Cast: Kelly Crossley